Dr. Helen D. Wix is a certified life and spiritual coach, psychic, Reiki Master Practitioner, Infinity Healer, spiritual teacher, author, and energy therapist.

Dr. Wix, founder of the MLM Mastery Academy, creates Empowered Freedom Leaders. Think of her as a modern-day Harriet Tubman who empowers men and women to create wealth from the inside out by leading them to emotional and financial freedom.

This means that Dr. Wix teaches how to free yourself from negative emotions such as limiting beliefs, worries, doubts, and fears. You will also learn how to create generational wealth for yourself, and your family and leave a legacy. More importantly, Dr. Wix provides transformational tools through the “My Life Mission Mastery Course” which assists people in clearing their own past traumas plus the unresolved traumas we’re carrying from our ancestors so that we can finally achieve personal fulfillment and world peace.

She also teaches you how to create wealth from the inside out because wealth is an inside job. This will enable you to create a life of happiness, abundance, and success, plus be able to fund your life mission.

What is an Empowered Freedom Leader? An Empowered Freedom Leader is a man or woman who has decided to free himself or herself emotionally and financially by using the tools available at the MLM Mastery Academy website, and then, as an Empowered Freedom Leader, helps others to free themselves.

Empowered means that he or she will be taught how to access their inner Divine Power, so they can write their own ticket for the life of their dreams.

Dr. Wix worked in corporate America for 25 years before leaving to pursue a mission that was more meaningful and truly spoke to her soul. She wants to help others do the same. Contact her at helen@mlmmasteryacademy (dot) com.